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The SAIX ADSL User Statistics page is great (ADSL account details required). The Firefox Mimimeter plugin shows the current month’s details in you Firefox status bar, but something was lacking. Ahhh – it’s the disclaimer of “the above data does not include any active sessions”.

So I went an wrote a little php script that retrieves the data from the SAIX site, and adds in the current connection’s statistics. This way, the numbers in Firefox’s status bar match my real ADSL usage :-)


  • v5: added logout link to make it much easier to swap between accounts
  • v4: the default month is now the month when the connection started, not the current month
  • v3: only display modified stats for the connections month
  • v2: whitespace trim for young connections
  • v1: initial release

4 comments on “Live ADSL statistics

  1. We are individual users on seperate computers on a premisis sharing a adsl wireless network. Is there any way that each individual user can be monitotered as to how much gigs they are using of the cap?

  2. Your best option is to use something like Linux’s IPTables to monitor and account per IP address. I’ve done this very successfully before.

  3. Hi

    I like the idea of using a PHP (or similar script) on ADSL stats, but can one use a similar script to extract ADSL usages stats from SAIX?

  4. Sure you can use any script to pull the stats from SAIX. If you’re a ISP reseller, they might have an API to do it though.

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