How to set WPFX’s preferred editor

In XP double-clicking on any image file loads up Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, how usefull. After installing The GIMP I thought it would be usefull to have it load images instead. Unfortunatly unless you are running The GIMP at the time it takes a while to load (damn annoying if it’s just an email attachement, etc.). So I removed the file association and have changed the default editor for images to The GIMP (WPFX defaults to Paint, yuck!).

If you want to change the application that get’s launched when you right click and hit Edit, load up your registry editor and find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\image\shell\edit\command. Edit the default value to point to your preferred graphics tool, and sit back and enjoy.

FYI: Have you tried The GIMP coming from a PhotoShop background and been flustered by the menu options being in a different place, called a different name? Well now there’s GIMPshop. Scott Moschella took a dive into The GIMP’s source code to rename and rearrange the menu options to produce an interface that should be just like home to PhotoShop users.

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