jabber clients and transports

Things I’m busy with in the Jabber world:

So again more mailing lists.

I’m watching the msn transport for file transfer and status messages. The irc transport I’ve been watching for ages now, and I help Mike with patches for the transport.

I’ve been using Psi for a long while now, and I’m starting to get bored with the slow release cycle. So I’ve been trying out alternate builds. I’m also planning on doing daily CVS builds, and MUC builds too.

2 comments on “jabber clients and transports

  1. Hi Norman.
    I’m very sad.
    because U stop PyMail-t component development.
    It’s very usefull transport.
    It work fine (after few changes in mail.py file) on my Jabber server.
    I’ll be so glad if U continue development of this component.
    Here changes of mail.py: <snip>
    That’s all.
    When I made these changes PyMail-t has started work fine.
    I send and receive e-mail messages well.
    With best regards.
    Roman Borodin.

  2. Actually I got it to a point where it-works-for-me(tm), so I didn’t know that it needed any more work.

    Can you please send me a unified diff directly via email, so that it’s easier to apply.


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