I’ve just been doing some coding for the irc-transport for the xmpppy project (now with vcard/whois and channel listing support!) when I came across Lobby4Linux in a channel topic. I think this guy’s blog is great!

In other news Gareth has been working on the G8 REBOOT site. I suggest you swing by and help Make Poverty History.

I’ve just noticed that Gareth picked up on the Rands In Repose: N.A.D.D. article, and that Mark Shuttleworth is behind Canonical/Ubuntu. I also noticed that Rands links to Joel Spolsky.

Man what a small world!

2 comments on “Lobby4Linux

  1. I’m brushing up on my NADD by posting this. I came across this quote:

    “Technologists have also adopted and promoted these concepts, marking them as valuable to the way of geek life. Many of you are staring at your laptops, multitasking. Although you will only remember a fragment of this talk, you will probably tell me that you remembered the important part or that you were practicing your continuous partial attention. Some of you may already be ninja masters at this, but the majority of you are probably paying poor attention to both the computer task and to me. But you *want* to be a continuous partial attention ninja master because you’ve been told that all of the cool kids are.” http://www.danah.org/papers/Supernova2004.html

    I guess it’s more proof.

  2. I spent some Christmas money on Joel Spolsky’s “The Best Software Writing: Part 1″ (I think that’s the tile). Interestingly some writings by Rand are included as is the article I linked to in my previous comment. Go figure.

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