chromeless meebo

March 17th, 2006

Update (Aug 28): I’ve created a Chromeless Meebo changelog page. It will always have a link to the latest version.

Launching Meebo in a “chromeless” window has been a feature request for many Meebo users since almost day one. Unfortunately because of the way web pages work, Meebo can’t really do this. There is a work around though. Using window transparency it’s possible to get 99% of the way there.

A week or so ago I threw together a quick proof-of-concept, it’s now at build 3, and ready enough that I’m happy that ‘real users’ can test it. It requires the .Net 1.1 framework, and Internet Explorer to be installed. Depending on what hardware you have it could run fast or slow. There’s not much to tweak because all the heavy lifting is done by the OS.

Grab a copy of Meebo Browser today! (Source included, patches welcome!)

Notes: It can sometimes take a while before the Meebo log in page is visible, just give it time. Use the system tray icon to change auto-on-top, and display of the ‘you are currently connected’ text, and exit Meebo (after you’ve logged off). If you click the icon it will bring the Meebo window to the front, clicking it repeatedly will hide and show the Meebo window. You can edit the Meebo.exe.config file to change the defaults too.

Update (Mar 26): If you get an error about “Microsoft.mshtml” missing, you need to install the Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies.

Update (May 28): An updated .Net 2.0 build is now available.

busy bee

February 26th, 2006

I’ve been naughty, and haven’t posted any update for almost two months now. I thought that I should give at least a little feedback on what I’m up to:

GB-PVR: WebAdmin, Software Recorder, and less so External Recorder, work continues. The web admin is now fully themed using css, and is rapidly growing into a full featured web frontend and not just a recording management web page or two. Two other side projects have spawned aiming to support Web Services, and Proper Web Streaming.

The Software Recorder pluigin is slowly sporting support for more and more capture cards. The other day someone commented on the mamoth forum thread we have managed to build (almost 900 posts). I find it quite satisfying that the top two threads (by number of posts and number of views) are for the WebAdmin and the Software Recorder – also other programmers are getting involved and are sending in patches and fixes :)

XMPP/Jabber: If you haven’t tried gtalk in gmail yet, where have you been living? At work I’ve been looking to put in a IM server – Jabber based of course. I use jabberd 2 for, but it’s not quite ready to be used at the enterprise level on a windows box.

Wildfire to the rescue. It has full LDAP integration, shared roster groups, a pretty web admin interface, a bunch of plugins, including an auto-updater for their Spark client. Only down side is that it’s java, but on the server that can be excused, on the client, not so much. Using a client like Pandion makes that client side experience far richer, but then you loose your auto-updating capabilites *sigh*. Pandion does feature Single-Sign-On support though.

So my attention for the past weeks has been turned to adding SSO into a variety of XMPP servers, starting with for the rapid prototype approach, and proving that it can be done. Then visiting Java’s SASL API, and trying to figure out how to hook it all up. I’ve ended up with a bridge between Java’s SASL API’s and Windows’ SSPI API’s. So anything that SSPI supports, SASL can now use too. A few minor tweaks to wildfire, and it too should be able to authenticate using GSSAPI (Kerberos), or NTLM (for Pandion).

Of course mustang is supposed to have native support for Kerberos and SPNEGO, but you can’t get into the RFE’s to see the details. (I checked build 71, and it didn’t seem to have any new toys – I see the beta is out, and I’m busy downloading that to see if it does)

Work: Terribly busy with a new semi-’proof of concept’ security framework to be used across applications for multiple clients, etc. The power outages haven’t helped – getting (back) to work at 4am to do a deployment for the previous project wasn’t exactly lots-of-fun. We’ve (royal) decided to go with VB LINQ for the new framework, and it seems to be everything it was promised to be. Gone are the days where you have to build stored procdures for each and every database access (by hand or using tools like Codesmith), LINQ does all of that for you – at run-time.

Home: Bathroom renovations are progressing, I can’t wait for it to be all over, and we can stop walking around in cement laden carpets :p

Now just before I disappear off to sleep, let me point out that 150 million Firefox downloads are approaching fast – that’s about 50 millions downloads in 5 months – wow.

imap authentication plugin 0.6

December 5th, 2005

Mark Quinn pointed out back in August, that the imap authentication plugin suffered from a rather serious security risk. If you knew that a site was using it, you could create cookie that would let you in without having to know a user’s real password. (You did have to know a valid user’s account name).

So I’ve added a Secret Key to the imap options. This key is used to secure the cookie that is created, and will make it almost impossible for outsiders to create cookie to fool wordpress into letting them in. Users with a valid cookie (but they want to fake a login as a different user) will have to do a time consuming brute force attack of their own cookie to determine the Secret Key. (which they could then use to create a valid login cookie for another user account)

Firefox 1.5

December 4th, 2005

Firefox 1.5 is out. I downloaded it a few days ago, but only got around to installing it tonight. Of all my pluings only CuteMenus and Wayback haven’t been upgraded to work with 1.5 (I managed to find ‘bumped’ versions, so they’re working again). I give the Firefox team a 11 out of 10 for all their hard work. The new instant back/forward navigation rocks, the SVG support is cool. Hopefully the browser will pass the Acid2 test soon (Firefox 1.6 maybe? Unfortunatly I guessing we’ll probably have to wait till version 2.0)

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!

September 19th, 2005

I just signed up for a account, so if you want to check out what I’m bookmarking head over to my bookmarks, and you’ll be able to see :)

Now if only WordPress auto-posted links in posts to your account from your blog using the categories as the tags…. (leave a comment if you know of a plugin that does this as described)

Win32 Ansi

September 19th, 2005

I’m busy developing the irc-transport for and the debuging output is coloured via ANSI escape sequences. This works great on a linux terminal, or via PuTTY, but not so great in a win32 console. I searched quite hard on Google for a ‘modern’ ansi.sys or replacement, but couldn’t find anything.

So here’s my attempt at making something work in win32.

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September 14th, 2005

Last week was holiday time. We went to Magalies Park in JHB. Bevan and Kim came up to visit us last Saturday and we stopped by the Cheese Farm *yummy*. We also popped into Sun City and the Valley of the Waves later in the week.

One the way back, we stopped in at the parentials, and did some cleaning up. They’re preparing for the eventual task of having to move into a smaller house, so my sister and I have been sorting out all the things we’ve accumulated while we’ve been at home into the keep and throw away piles. The keep boxes will eventually have to find their way to Cape Town, but not for now.

All-in-all a good deserved rest :-)

An Evening or Two Wasted

July 11th, 2005

Friday night was well ‘wasted’ at one of the Claremont Dramatic Society’s Members’ Evenings. The performers sang pretty much the full collection of Tom Lehrer’s songs from his original performance. Including my favourite: ‘Poisoning Pigeons In The Park’ :-)

On Saturday night we found ourselves at Mike’s Karaoke 21st (mike, mike, mike, mike – see Finding Nemo if you don’t understand). The songs were dodgy, the videos more so – having zilch to do with the actual words. Only a few lucky songs had original footage.

All-in-all an entertaining weekend. I even managed to check-in a few changes the the irc transport.


July 3rd, 2005

I’ve just been doing some coding for the irc-transport for the xmpppy project (now with vcard/whois and channel listing support!) when I came across Lobby4Linux in a channel topic. I think this guy’s blog is great!

In other news Gareth has been working on the G8 REBOOT site. I suggest you swing by and help Make Poverty History.

I’ve just noticed that Gareth picked up on the Rands In Repose: N.A.D.D. article, and that Mark Shuttleworth is behind Canonical/Ubuntu. I also noticed that Rands links to Joel Spolsky.

Man what a small world!


June 16th, 2005

Much along the lines of Hal’s Jabber ideas, I’ve been thinking that someone should code up TortoiseDarcs. I mean TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSvn are well used in the win32 world to provide a friendly interface to the user, so it’s about time we had one for darcs too.

So when you’ve done it, let me know :-P