Chromeless Meebo gets a facelift

Meebo got a facelift back in October, but I didn’t have the time to update my Chromeless Meebo Browser at the time. I found some time this weekend to sit down and figure out what needed doing, and went ahead and did it!

The new version doesn’t really have any new features compared to the previous one: It supports the new meebo interface better, it has a new tray icon menu, with some new options. The biggest change is that most of the code is now written in JavaScript loaded off my server. This means that it’s much easier to change, and to deploy directly to all you guys. It also means it’s easier for someone else to pick up a pre-compiled copy, change a few config settings, and start tweaking the source for themself (i.e. no need to recompile the .Net code)

As time allows, I will be adding new features, but for now enjoy!

(oh, the Mozilla control doesn’t support nearly enough methods to make this version work correctly, so it’s back to IE for now :-(. If you’ve been using the ClickOnce installer with the Mozilla control and want to keep using Mozilla, then you’ll need to download the offline version of v6)

6 comments on “Chromeless Meebo gets a facelift

  1. Norm!!!!!

    You’ve done it!

    v0.7 works GREAT!

    Interestingly enough, you completed it while I was on Holiday.


    Thanks again!
    – robbie

  2. I’m sure it would be possible, some of the problems are: Which toolkit? Qt/Gtk/other? Do they support window transparency (Qt4.1 seems to, I’m not sure how you would do it in Gtk). Also which browser engine would you use? I guess there’s Mozilla’s (Gecko) and KDE’s (KHTML), but I doubt either support window.external. I’m meaning to add window.external to the Gecko ActiveX control with would make it work in windows, but I’m not sure how the control builds for linux. It should (but probably doesn’t) work under Mono/Wine of course :-)

  3. @Zero3k: That’s a known issue caused by the weirdness that is IE. I sent a fix suggestion to the Meebo guys, but I guess they either lost it, or haven’t implemented it yet.

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