Fresh water from the Newlands Spring

Inspired by Raw Model and Daniel Vitalis, I took some pictures of our local spring that we’ve been collecting water from over the last few months. We go about every two weeks, unless we’re making Raw Essene Bread, Muesli, or anything else that we need to soak for, in which case it’s about every week.

Update (2012-07-16): Thanks to Tim from SAB, we can read a little about the historical significance of this spring. Interested parties might also be interested in the Facebook group Friends of Newlands Spring.

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  1. Hi,

    There is not much info on this magic little spring. What is it’s source and how do we know it’s safe for drinking?

    Kind regards

  2. Soaring Free Superfoods had the Newlands Spring water tested in September 2008, and their comment was the water is “Excellent to drink. No contaminants, clean and pure”. The water tastes great, even better than filtered water! I’ve had other friends who grew up in the area comment about how enjoyed the water growing up, so the spring has been around a while :-)

  3. From what I know the mound behind the prefab wall is actually the spring. The land belongs to the SAB and the spring is still one of the main sources of water for the Newlands brewery. When you fill your container glance up through the fence and you’ll see the pipe that feeds water to the brewery. When I find the book in which I read all this I’ll post its name! The run-off where we fill our containers was installed in good gesture for the use of the general public. :-)

  4. The Newlands spring is abstracted by SAB, and all beer from the newlands brewery is made only from spring water, no municipal water.
    The quality is excellent for brewing, it has a pH of 5.6 (same as rain water), low alkalinity, low mineral content, no contaminants. We do not have to treat the water in any way. It is text book quality brewing water, fortunately unpolluted by agriculuture and industry.

    We also use a 2nd spring, Kommetjie spring, who’s source is on the vacant piece of land to the east of forries – next to the scout hall. The overflow can be seen flowing to and under the road opposite the BP. Same quality.

    As a brewer I only drink the spring water, and the products made from it. Forget about the chemical stories, they are not true.

  5. Newlands spring – a little more on it. (submitted to link above)
    The spring is owned by SAB and the Newlands brewery uses only spring water in production of our beers, and have been for well over 100 years. The water is excellent quality and we are able to use it without pre-treatment. It is indeed the reason the brewery exists where it does.

    What can be collected at the end of springs way is the overflow from the spring. The berm around the spring can be seen over the vibracrete wall. It was recorded as already built in 1841 and protects the spring from damage.

    The spring has a pH of rain water (5.6)a low alkalinity of 20 and low hardness, which would make it the envy of lager style brewers worldwide. It has very low levels of heavy metals (<tap water) and no contaminants. In short it is perfect water, much sought after by members of the public in the know. It has cultural or other significance from members of the Muslim community who collect it.

    It is sad and ironic that our beers are rumoured to contain chemicals – nothing could be further from the truth, with the spring making up over 93% of our products.

    If anyone is interested I have a short paper on the history and significance of the spring – you can email me on [email protected] [Nurm: or use the link in the article above to get it right now!]

  6. Hi all, I was browsing on the web and I was really excited when I found there’s spring water near where I live. However I have a question about the pH balance of the water. Isn’t pH level < 7 indicates that it more acidic? And according to the articles I see on the web, they all indicate the ideal pH level of drinking water should be between 6.0-8.5

    Furthermore the body functions best with a slightly alkaline ph level, so isn't therefore we should go for somethinig slightly higher than pH 7 instead of lower? Therefore I don't understand why everyone says this spring water with pH5.9 is good for the body.

    I was never good with science, so I am trying to understand why everyone says this is a good water to drink :)

  7. Hi
    I have only recently discovered the know of the spring in springs rd Newlands, as a new fairly inhabitor of the western cape… I am willing to put up a stainless steel pipe, I will ask in my network how much we can get from donations in the group towards a good quality piping solution which is also slightly more accessable… my gran would have a difficult time collecting the water herself…. hehe, so lets see how much we can raise and make the access as good as the water… and yes it’s the tastiest water I’ve had in some time… BOOOOYA to mother nature, she knows best AND DELIVERS!!!!.

    Tim would SAB be interested in joining in on said venture? Giving back to our health? good publicity as well…contact me to discuss

  8. Tex: I recommend posting your proposal on the findaspring page to get more coverage. Also you might contact Ethical Co-op and/or Superfoods and/or Tim directly (his email is posted above) and ask if they’d be willing to spread the news. You could also stick up a A3 poster in some plastic on the fence by the spring asking for input. I no longer live in Cape Town but I’d be happy to chip in towards the pipe.

    Also on one of’s posts about this magic little spring ‘Andrew’ comments that “there are corporate plans to upgrade the rather uncelebratory outlet pipe”, perhaps sync up with him too?

    I just noticed that Anthony Anderson mentions this spring in one of his videos: Grow Paradise TV #5.

  9. have just read the comments – I will speak to the guys here and feedback within the week.

    Nurm – i have been asked by dozens of folk for the history of the spring – Is there any way you could post it onto a site. Can you PM your email address and I’ll send it to you

  10. Hi Nurm,

    Thanks for your efforts publishing on the spring, am interested in collecting water and wonder if you are still using it?

  11. Hey Mark,

    I no longer live in Cape Town so no, but my wife’s family who live there still use it regularly for their drinking water.


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