movable type vs everything else

I’ve seen many other blogs out there *surprise* and one of the other programs that keep crossing my eyes is b2, and now it’s successor WordPress. A brief google search returned a comparsion of MT and WP. I have to argue that point #6 is arguably the most reason why I won’t change from MT. My hosting box is a Pentium 166 with 48mb of memory running a few dozen daemon’s. Therefore the more preprocessing the blog will do the better. I’d rather handle the extra time waiting for a blog entry to save (and that includes the REBUILD) than wait for the pages to load.

5 comments on “movable type vs everything else

  1. I’m running WordPress on a P200 with 64 megs of ram – on an openBSD box that handles my mail as well.

    I’d like to be serving static pages, but the 1.5 seconds that it takes to render my page is pretty reasonable. I’ve got an older version of wordpress running a blog for a friend on the same box, as well as several B2 blogs, and the speed improvements are pretty steady and noticable.

    You might be surprised what that 166 can do though.

  2. Nurm I am looking for someone in South Africa that can do some ad hoc MT programming for me. Do you do this or can u refer me to someone?


  3. The only reason I’m running old MT is because I used to host my blog on a AMD Duron 650Mhz box with 384Mb RAM when I started blogging.

  4. Yep, same reason. When I moved to a real hosting provider, it sounded like a good time to upgrade to WordPress. MT also introduced an ugly licence so that also put me off.

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