Drag and Drop blog publishing from Outlook 2003

OutlookMT (MagicFolder) is a utility that monitors a designated Outlook 2003 folder for items. An item placed in the “magic folder” will be posted to the weblog specified in the settings.

It works pretty well. I think it’s expecting word based emails, and I have set outlook to HTML emails only. Kunal has done a brilliant job. Here’s me hoping that with some assistance we can get HTML working too :-)

Another neat trick would to be able to add the categories you’d like to post it under in outlook mail/post options.

4 comments on “Drag and Drop blog publishing from Outlook 2003

  1. I’m guessing here, but I’m sure you could point it at the xmlrpc.php file and it might work. If it doesn’t then you probably can’t use it with WordPress. (I was testing it while I was still using MT)

  2. Gil: First, I wrote this post when I was still using MovableType, and it didn’t have a post-by-email option. Also post-by-email requires access to a pop3 email server, which you might not always have.

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