tcpping and smokeping

I have modified the tcpping script to output values much like fping‘s -C mode used in smokeping. At the same time I’ve created a new smokeping probe which uses this new mode. Hence we will have a TCPPing Probe for smokeping, yay!

site-note: I wrote a WPing Probe (windows ping) ages ago too. It expects a data folder, with files named for the hosts you’re monitoring. You also have to set-up a job on the windows box to run the ping and direct the output into the correct file. I share the folder using samba and just copy the ping output there when done.

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  1. You are always welcome to contribute your probes … especially if they are compatible with smokeping 2.0.


  2. I’ll probably get around to upgrading them to SmokePing 2.0 when it’s packaged with Debian, and the old scripts stop working :-)

  3. I find this probe very useful. Some of the services I monitor are behind firewalls that drop ICMP traffic (not my firewalls), so this is the only way sometimes.
    Yesterday I finally came around to fix the probe to work with Smokeping 2.0.9 (the one that comes with Debian Etch as of the time of writing).

    Here’s a link to the patch, I hope it is of use to someone.

  4. Thanks Anton!

    I’ve let tobi know, so hopefully we’ll see the next version supporting tcpping out-of-the-box.

  5. Hello,

    Can someone help me with this probe? I get the following error:
    Reloading smokeping configuration…require Smokeping::probes::TCPPing failed: Base class package “probes::basefork” is empty.
    (Perhaps you need to ‘use’ the module which defines that package first.)
    at /usr/share/perl5/smokeping/Smokeping/probes/ line 55
    BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at /usr/share/perl5/smokeping/Smokeping/probes/ line 55, line 99.
    Compilation failed in require at (eval 11) line 3, line 99.

  6. Hey Mark, what version of smokeping and the probe are you using? The probes linked to above are for a pre-2.0 version of smokeping, and smokeping 2.3.0 should have them included.

  7. I am using the following version:
    Running on SmokePing-2.0.9 by Tobi Oetiker and Niko Tyni

    Also you can find the config file I use at the following url (note i did change email address/domainname):

  8. Hi,
    I set up a smokeping server and I am using tcpping extensively as it allows me to check response time with different QoS classes (i.e. on different TCP ports).
    I noticed a problem between TCPPing and Smokeping : packet loss does not seem to be handled. For instance when the firewall of the target is set up to ignore packets (drop them without notice), tcpping output something like this :
    tcpping -C -x 5 : 255 255 255 255 255

    Smokeping therefore graph shows a response time of 255ms instead of showing packet loss.

    Am I the only one to experience this?

    Versions I am using
    System : Debian Lenny
    Smokeping : v. 2.3.6
    tcptraceroute : 1.5beta7
    tcpping : 1.7

  9. This seems to be a bug in tcpping. You should contact Richard van den Berg, as he’s the author of that script. (The 255 is the ttl value it’s leaking out for some reason)

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