Win2003 SP1 woes

After the install of SP1 on our routing and remote access box, all inter-device routing died. You can ping and traceroute within the same network, but as soon as the server has to route the packet between interfaces it just drops it. Oddly pings happily leave the network (routed correctly), but the replies get lost. They can be seen by network monitor coming back on the vpn connection, but they never make it to the lan connection. (Uninstalling SP1 fixed this issue, we have routing back).

Aditionally today we have an issue with the Fax server:

Fax Service failed to initialize because it could not initialize the TAPI devices.
Verify that a fax device is installed and configured correctly.
Win32 error code: 31.
This error code indicates the cause of the error.

If you uninstall the fax service, it’s impossible to re-install it due to this error. If anybody has any ideas, please leave them as comments.

5 comments on “Win2003 SP1 woes

  1. I have the same problem with the fax service. It died sometime around when I installed SP1 (and then had to un-install it). Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way to fix it.

  2. I found a solution to the fax problem. Look at;en-us;897342

    The article is related to Windows Small Business Server 2003 but addresses a similar problem near the bottom: “If you remove Windows Server 2003 SP1 on a computer that is running Windows Small Business Server 2003, the Fax service does not start and the Fax Configuration Wizard does not complete.” While the error message is different, the solution works. Follow the instructions and make sure to reboot. When the system comes back up the registry entry you changed may no longer have the value 0 like you just set it, but the fax server reinstalls and can be configured properly. I hope this helps you.

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