psi muc build for win32

If you’re interested in trying out Nolan’s work on the MUC interface in Psi then grab one of my builds.

Quick summary of events for HalR9000:

  • I’m using the VS.Net 2003 build environment. I happen to have ActivePerl installed too.
  • Grab CVS version of Psi – requires CVS client like TortoiseCVS
  • Get Qt, and QCA libraries as described on the Psi development page
  • Applied patch for QCA to get it to work under VS.Net 2003
  • Build using makewin.bat
  • Profit!!!

If you want to build the MUC version then:

I had to hand edit some imports to get it to compile (just changed ‘using XMPP::XMPP;’ to ‘using namespace XMPP;’ in two header files). I was chatting to Nolan at the time, so I’m sure these fixes will go into his development archive too.

Update: I changed the link at the top to point to the list of builds. My first manual build is still available. (This archive only has the bare minimum of files, you must copy all other files from another Psi installation. If you Qt library is not version 3.3.4 then you must rename it to qt-mt334.dll. Nolan also informs me that it’s missing the required iconset files.)

One comment on “psi muc build for win32

  1. Thanks Norm. If you will be able to get a daily vanilla build scripted, then I’d like either for you to host it or I can. We can work out the details when you are ready.

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