gb-pvr joins the .net 2.0 world

The various GB-PVR enhancements have I have been working on over the last while have finally all been upgraded to .Net 2.0. UncleJohnsBand was kind enough to upgrade the Enhanced Web Admin, and ubu upgraded the External Recording Plugin along with doing the first pass on the WDM Recording Plugin. A few minor .Net 2.0 differences later (I upgraded DShow’s UCOMInterface references to ComTypes.Interfaces, and had to fix an out/ref array parameter) and the WDM Recording Plugin is working on GB-PVR 0.97. I even upgraded my Detect Multi Recordings utility (which only really required a single line of code change).

Except for a minor issue with NetLimiter 1.30 breaking some .Net 2.0 remoting, it looks like everything is working 100% :-)

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