Chromeless Meebo

Install using Click Once or download it from the distribution folder (get your copy of the Mozilla ActiveX Control from here too)


  • v0.7.1:
    • Update to handle rooms bar, and gradient background
    • Update transparency code to support Vista
  • v0.7:
    • Adding support for loading javascript snippets on page load (ala greasemonkey/userscripts)
    • Migrating page mangling code from c# to javascript
  • v0.6:
    • Added Mozilla ActiveX control support (requires manual config changes, see blog post)
    • Cleaned up title notifications
  • v0.5:
    • Upgraded to the .Net 2.0 Framework
    • Using .Net 2.0 WebBrower control
    • Also deployed as a Click Once application
    • Stopped crazy title change notifications
  • v 0.1-0.4:
    • Initial release
    • Using the .Net 1.1 Framework
    • VS generated COM Interop layer to ActiveX WebBrowser control