chromeless meebo gets mozilla support

I’ve previously commented that I was working on Mozilla rendering support for my Chromeless Meebo Browser, well now it’s here.

To enable it you will need my upgraded version of the Mozilla ActiveX Control (As usual all the required files are in the distribution folder). Source diff is attached to bugzilla bug 340277.

You will need to hand edit the configuration file to change the Engine setting from Microsoft to Mozilla. If you’re using ClickOnce to launch the Meebo Browser, then you can find the configuration file under ‘C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\RandomId\RandomId\Somewhere’, just look for the lastest configuration file you can find and edit that one. I am planning to add a sort of configuration window to be able to change these settings from the frontend, once I’m happy that everything is working well.

Known Issues:

  • There seems to be a problem with getting the cursor to appear in the text boxes so that you can log into you IM account. The work around is to swap to another application (even Notepad), and then back to MeeboBrowser – sometimes I’ve had to do this two or three times to get the cursor to appear.
  • The tab key gets swallowed often, making it almost impossible to use.
  • Tooltips don’t show.
  • Clicked links don’t launch in a new browser window. (You can right click and select ‘Open’, but then you’re logged out of Meebo :-()

These are all caused by bugs and missing code in the Mozilla ActiveX Control. If you’d like to help out, please don’t hesitate.

10 comments on “chromeless meebo gets mozilla support

  1. nurm,

    I’d like to investigate how other webapps fare in a chromeless environment, how easy is it to do this with the current setup? i.e. to just pick a different URL to open Chromeless into

    I forsee the possibilty of a Chromeless Browser with cosmetic tweak plugins* for different sites

    * hmmm… Greasemonkey?

  2. It’s as simple as changing the config file to load another URI. The easiest is to drag a shortcut onto the meebo window once it’s started.

    (*) Just remember this is just the Mozilla engine, and not the whole Firefox shebang – so there’s probably a fair amount of work required to make Greasemonkey work. It would probably be easier to write a mini-Greasemonkey replacement just for the MeeboBrowser app.

  3. Kool IM looks like it is trying to copy Meebo. Kool IM domain was registered in April 2006, and Meebo domain was registered in Nov 2003. Kool IM opens multiple windows for your sessions, which looks crap. Meebo has that polished look created by their custom chrome and intelligent use of AJAX.

  4. i just tried it and it’s very cool! the team thinks it’s a neat idea and we love the little tooltip when a message is received :)

  5. You can copy the shortcut in your Start Menu to the Startup folder. That way it will get launched when you log in.

  6. Dude, upgrade your plugin so it works with the new Meebo release. This thing rocks, it has replaced my regular IM apps!

  7. I’m currently on holiday, and for some reason Meebo refuses to load (either new version or classic). I’m planning some sort of JavaScript driven engine for the next version, which will make updates much easier to handle. You should still be able to use Meebo Classic by editing the configuration file and changing HomeUri to

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