overnet gui clc

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okay so the main thing that the overnet GUI is missing is a command line client that can be used externally (i.e. certain commands can be scripted via task scheduler, etc.). So after a bit of pain I’ve made one: binary, source

I can’t get it to read the console text yet. I’m hoping to be able to read the command output and write it to the screen as a useable output, unfortunately the RichEdit control doesn’t want to play nicely :-(

If you’d like to help get it reading the RichEdit please go ahead. All I managed was to get overnet to ignore me or crash it. I suspect it’s actually .Net’s marshaling that’s messing me around.

If I get that working I could always hack together an easy TCP client that would allow access remotely. I’m not sure what the standard remote admin protocol is but this might be good enough to get most of the other Remote Clients working with the GUI *shrug*

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