Western Dump

I have a new PC at work – YAY!! I moved all my files across on Friday – YAY!! The hard disk died on Saturday morning at 4am (2 days, 4 hours after acquisition) – no so yay there. Of course I had copied data directly from old pc to new pc, not via backup, and additionaly it was done in a rush so old pc could be formatted & re-installed for new developer – all of this adds up to no backup, nothing, nadda.

I’ve heard all the neat tricks for recovering a WD drive, most of them involve a freezer, freezer bags and 24 hrs, and then you only get 30 to 60 minutes to copy your data off your disk before it goes south for good. So far all I’ve managed is 5 minutes after 1.5 hrs in the fridge. *sigh*

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