Microsoft Certified Parrot

I have absolutly no respect for Micro$oft’s Exams. Every person I’ve seen take the exams have only passed because they have done past-papers (in the form of programs like the Transenders) over and over again. Anybody that has tried to go-it-alone and mearly study from the book has failed dismally. The only clear method of passing these exams is parrot fashion.

Now maybe I’m out-of-place here because I’ve not done this myself, but only two things scare me about M$’s exams…. 1) I fail their exam, 2) I pass having studied only the past papers and confirm that what I’ve wondered all along is true, and now I have to live with the fact that I’m qualified to be a parrot!

Thanks, I’d perfer to keep my Bsc (Eng) Elec.

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