tight vnc for fedora core 2

I was rather bummed that tight vnc’s server still depends on XFree86 (which is now replaced by xorg-x11 in fc2). So I got hold of the latest tightvnc server (1.3dev5-1.i386), changed the spec file, and rebuilt it for FC2 (1.3dev5-1.fc2.i386)

If you want it come and get it, if you don’t trust my build, go grab the source and d-i-y.

2 comments on “tight vnc for fedora core 2

  1. Just saw your article on getting tightvnc to run on XORG. Do you have any tips on getting it to run on EL4. What changes did you make in the spec file?

  2. Hmm, that’s a while ago. I suspect that in the spec file there’s a dependencies line that you can just change.

    Recently I’ve been playing with MetaVNC, but I can’t get cvs to check-out the files cleanly on my win32 box yet. I’ll have to check them out in linux and then copy them across.

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