xmltv support in South Africa

It has been a while since I last posted. Besides taking a few weeks off over christmas, and now back at work, I’ve been playing with GB-PVR and xmltv.

GB-PVR doesn’t support non-mpeg2 capture cards, (in fact the list is limited to cards that support hardware compression). So I’m busy working on the GB-PVR software recorder, which is able to capture from any WDM DirectShow Capture source. That means non-mpeg2 capture cards folks. It currently uses the moonlight compressor, but I’d guess it would work with any mpeg2 compressor. I’m looking for a free one if anyone knows of one. (It needs to accept uncompressed video and audio streams, and output a mpeg2 stream, so that the gb-pvr file writer can be used). Another possibility is that with quite a lot of modification to GB-PVR it might be able to record mpeg4 or divx/xvid.

xmltv lacked any support for South Africa, so I went and wrote a bunch of xmltv grabbers for South Africa. They include DStv, sabc, and e-tv. So they should be able to find everything anyone can pick-up in South Africa.

4 comments on “xmltv support in South Africa

  1. Hi there.
    im using Ubuntu (Hoary 5.04), and MythTV

    using xmltv-0.5.40.tar.bz2

    i keep getting this error.. but from the little perl i know .. the subroutine strftime should be defined right? or am i just missing a library in ubuntu?

    Undefined subroutine &POSIX::strftime called at /usr/bin/tv_grab_za line 584.

    any thing else needed?

  2. Hi. I am doing a project at university and require some data on TV guides. Is it at all possible for you to mail me one of the files with the schedules in it. I dont have admin rights on my pc so i cant install XMLTV.


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