xmltv support in South Africa

It has been a while since I last posted. Besides taking a few weeks off over christmas, and now back at work, I’ve been playing with GB-PVR and xmltv.

GB-PVR doesn’t support non-mpeg2 capture cards, (in fact the list is limited to cards that support hardware compression). So I’m busy working on the GB-PVR software recorder, which is able to capture from any WDM DirectShow Capture source. That means non-mpeg2 capture cards folks. It currently uses the moonlight compressor, but I’d guess it would work with any mpeg2 compressor. I’m looking for a free one if anyone knows of one. (It needs to accept uncompressed video and audio streams, and output a mpeg2 stream, so that the gb-pvr file writer can be used). Another possibility is that with quite a lot of modification to GB-PVR it might be able to record mpeg4 or divx/xvid.

xmltv lacked any support for South Africa, so I went and wrote a bunch of xmltv grabbers for South Africa. They include DStv, sabc, and e-tv. So they should be able to find everything anyone can pick-up in South Africa.

4 comments on “xmltv support in South Africa

  1. Hi there.
    im using Ubuntu (Hoary 5.04), and MythTV

    using xmltv-0.5.40.tar.bz2

    i keep getting this error.. but from the little perl i know .. the subroutine strftime should be defined right? or am i just missing a library in ubuntu?

    Undefined subroutine &POSIX::strftime called at /usr/bin/tv_grab_za line 584.

    any thing else needed?

  2. Even though I submitted my grabbers to the XMLTV project, they haven’t been selected for inclusion. You should probably contact the author of the grabber to see if he can help. The grabber lists him as Chris Picton, [email protected].

  3. Hi. I am doing a project at university and require some data on TV guides. Is it at all possible for you to mail me one of the files with the schedules in it. I dont have admin rights on my pc so i cant install XMLTV.


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