chromeless meebo 2.0

Update (Aug 28): I’ve created a Chromeless Meebo changelog page.

My chromeless meebo proof-of-concept got an upgrade this weekend (now at version 0.5). It’s been fully upgraded to .Net 2.0, which means that there are no more external dependancies. Also included are:

  • Saving of preferences.
  • Single clicking on the tray icon only toggles the buddy list – To toggle all Meebo windows, use double click.
  • Tooltips no longer rotate when you recieve a message from a contact – They appear once only.
  • ClickOnce magic – This means you can ‘install’ Meebo Browser via a web interface, and updates happen automagically.
  • Splash Screen – With an AJAX loading widget provided by Ajaxload.

So you can take it for a test drive right now if you have the .Net 2.0 Framework installed (the ClickOnce page should detect if you don’t – and prompt you to install it). If you’re a Firefox user, then you might want to install FFClickOnce to ‘enable’ ClickOnce functionality correctly in Firefox.

15 comments on “chromeless meebo 2.0

  1. well, I’ve had one day with the new chromeless meebo, and I’m chuffed!* this is probably because you addressed all my feedback issues ;)

    and ClickOnce really is magic

    * although this morning it didn’t start automatically, even though I copied the shortcut to my Startup folder

  2. No pix –> BAD!

    So yeah, could you provide a picture of what this looks like please?

  3. Um, it looks like Meebo! Except that there’s no browser border, and the background colour ends up being transparent.

  4. the clickonce installer doesn’t work behind the proxy at work. what’s up with that?

  5. Hmm, I noticed that, that happens sometimes. Generally it seems to be because the proxy requires authentication.

  6. Very Good. I’m impressed!

    One thing I have noticed is that it uses 50MB+ of RAM and a constant 4/5% CPU.

    Still good though. Thumbs up dude.

  7. Mmm, I know. I’d be interested to know who much IE uses in comparison.

    I’m pretty sure the 5% CPU is due to the timer checking the background colour to see what should be transparent every 100ms. What speed PC do you have?

  8. FYI: I’m got code in the works that will allow you to use the Mozilla rendering engine instead of the Microsoft rendering engine :-)

  9. It works pretty well, though 80+ MB of RAM & 20+% CPU is way too excessive for what it is. (I have 2GB total on a 2.2GHz P4.)

    The other thing is that when you show the console is looks like a graphics glitch. That could really use some cleaning up.

  10. Unfortunately there’s very little I can do about memory usage – the code I’ve actually written is fairly small and simple. Currently there’s a timer running 10 times a second to create the transparency, which I could very easily make run say only once a second. That should help with the CPU usage. Also using the Mozilla rendering engine instead of the Microsoft one helps. The graphics glitch is also something that’s really hard to do anything about, mainly because I’m using .Net’s GDI+ to do all the work.

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  12. Nurm,

    Meebo updated their UI (drastically) and things are now visible (due to the id attribute changing on some key elements) that used to be hidden.

    Luckily they provided a URL to their previous version at (no SSL at this subdomain, so don’t try it).

    Could you let us know when this is fixed (or if it will be fixed)? I was thinking that this would be a good candidate for sticking the element ID’s for the ones you hide inside of the app.config to allow furture mods.

    Yeah, I’m a dreamer.


    Thanks for the great (free) app BTW…

  13. Mmm, I see. I’m currently on holiday, and for some reason Meebo refuses to load (either new version or classic). I’m planning some sort of JavaScript driven engine for the next version, which will make updates much easier to handle. Thanks for pointing out the classic url!

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